You are viewing an older version of the ATB. Please view the most current version.
You are viewing an older version of the ATB. Please view the most current version here.

Electricity Annual Technology Baseline (ATB) Data Download

Before downloading the ATB data, read the disclaimer agreement and this guide to technical limitations.

2020 ATB Data

Download the 2020 ATB Spreadsheet

Each year, the NREL ATB data are presented in an Excel workbook that contains detailed cost and performance data (both current and projected) for renewable and conventional technologies. The workbook contains a spreadsheet with data and calculations for each technology.

Download 2020 ATB Spreadsheet

Download 2020 ATB Spreadsheet (Mac Version)

Download the 2020 ATB Summary CSV Files

These CSV files summarize in database-friendly form the capital expenditures, operations expenditures, and capacity factor, as well as the financial assumptions and the levelized cost of energy, for each technology. They are re-formatted from the summary section of the spreadsheet, which documents the underlying calculations and data.

Download 2020 ATB Summary CSV

Download All 2020 Tableau Workbooks

The charts on the ATB website were developed in a set of Tableau workbooks. These 17 workbooks are available as a single 6-MB zip file. You can download a single workbook by following the instructions below to download a PowerPoint, but click on “Tableau Workbook” in the download menu.

Download 2020 ATB Tableau Workbooks

Instructions to Download Any Tableau Figure as PowerPoint

  1. Navigate to the Tableau visualization on the webpage.
  2. Use the interactive filters to develop the view that you want.
  3. Click the download button in the lower right-hand corner.
  4. Select “PowerPoint”
  5. Select “This View”
  6. Click “Download”
  7. Select “view” or “save” the export, which consists of the current view and the set of active selection filters in a PowerPoint file.

2020 Electricity ATB Webinar

During the webinar describing the Electricity 2020 ATB, presenters described the analytical products in detail, shared examples of how they have been used, and provided an opportunity for attendees to ask questions.

Watch the webinar video

Download the Webinar Slides

Past ATB Data

For data from past years-and an accompanying summary and documentation-see the ATB archives.

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